Elders Circus

The Victorian Aboriginal Health Service (VAHS) is a Community Controlled Organisation which has been providing high quality health services for the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities for over 40 years. The VAHS Community Programs unit works with an emphasis on holistic and tailored health initiatives to assist our Elders and adults with chronic diseases and disabilities.

VAHS and Circus Oz formed a partnership in 2014, forming Deadly Elders Circus. The weekly circus program focuses on strength, balance and coordination from a physical perspective; strong social and emotional health is promoted through social connection, laughter, learning new tricks, building confidence and fighting depression.

VAHS and Circus Oz would like to thank all the local Elders who enjoy the circus program and especially those who shared their stories for this film.

 Special thanks to the VAHS and Circus Oz staff and trainers who made this program too deadly!

Circus Oz would like to acknowledge the support of The R E Ross Trust and the City of Yarra, with their generous support it has allowed the Deadly Elders Circus to run as a yearlong program in 2016. 

About the Show

About the Show

About the Show

Circus Oz explodes back onto stage, audaciously unpacking the myths of modern Australia in their latest high octane circus...