Performance Program - 3 Speed Crunch Box



Some things just can’t be done solo!
Ignite your imagination with the skill, fun and sense of achievement circus can bring. Acrobatics, aerial, humour, team work, trust, persistence, risk taking and training are all presented in 3 Speed Crunch Box, produced by Circus Oz and presented in the Melba Spiegeltent.

After discovering the world of circus 3 friends are determined to perform the biggest trick the world has seen… but can they actually do it? After training to exhaustion to achieve the necessary skills, persisting when faced with adversity and danger, pushing through the barriers of pain and fear they discover they will only reach their goal by working together.

3 Speed Crunch Box is a humorous, frenetic, fantastically physical comedy that will surprise and delight audiences whilst proving anything is possible with a shared goal, a little hard work and a whole lot of imagination.

Make a day of it by doing a Workshop before or after the performance in the impressive training facilities at Circus Oz's new home. Lead by experienced Circus Oz trainers, children (and teachers) can try their hands at circus skills.

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