From its beginning Circus Oz has been visibly and vocally committed to the cause of land rights and reconciliation with Australia’s First Peoples, both as an organisation and through our work.

Chasing Smoke

Yirramboi First Nations Arts Festival will present the second performance outcome to come out of BLAKflip from 6 - 9 May 2017.

The spark that ignites the question “Who am I?” flickers inside us, but only some have the courage to pursue the answer. Chasing Smoke is a unique glimpse into the world’s oldest living culture told through the limitless artform of contemporary circus. Tumbling through life while juggling our responsibilities in an age where culture, tradition, land and identity are under threat, these performers will capture your imagination as they paint the world that was, that is, and that could be. 

Directed by Samoan-Australian director Natano Fa’anana (Polytoxic, Briefs, Casus Circus) an unconventional storyteller who chooses to learn from individuals rather than institutions, the premier of Chasing Smoke will not only challenge, amaze and entertain you, but also showcases the next generation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander circus legends. 


BLAKflip Masterclass

Circus Oz is actively seeking out the incredible pools of talent in Indigenous dance, theatre, comedy, visual art and music to enrich the contemporary circus art form. There are powerful connections between the irreverent humor and physicality of both the circus and Indigenous communities, and the Circus Oz BLAKflip Program intends to bring these together.

Circus Oz is keen to work with members of Australian's highly talented Indigenous performers. By showcasing the immense creativity of Indigenous artists and strengthening the artistic diversity of the performing ensemble, the Circus Oz show will continue to be unique and, importantly, more representative of Australia (home to the world's oldest living culture) and its many stories.

To enquire about future opportunities, please contact Davey on


BLAKflip and Beyond

Over the past five years we have been busy solidifying our new Indigenous Program, BLAKflip and Beyond. This is a broad strategy intended to build stronger connections, influence and collaboration with the First Peoples of this land.

It informs our attitudes and outlook, building staff awareness and understanding of Aboriginal culture across all levels of the organization, translating through to how we approach our work and operate on a day-to-day basis.

Over the past five years the BLAKflip program has provided a pathway for talented Indigenous performers to be identified, mentored and supported as potential members of the Circus Oz ensemble. This highly successful program, has so far resulted in 42 participants in the annual masterclasses, with three being cast into the performing ensemble presenting a truly Australian ensemble in Circus Oz.

In November 2014 we celebrated BLAKflip with a performance outcome Corked Up. Performed over three nights in the Melba Spiegeltent, this was arguably the first Indigenous Australian, adult circus show, and was directed by Josh Bond and Derek Ives. In 2017 we are proud to be presenting another performance outcome Chasing Smoke.



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About Circus Oz

About Circus Oz

About Circus Oz

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