Circus Artefacts

Circus Artefacts is a research and development project which is about creating a bold new vision for the next Circus Oz show. It will integrate our existing expertse and experience in creating innovative circus apparatus, with new ideas in sound, technology, and scenic design, to create imaginative sculptural 'artefacts'. 

Within a conceptually coherent and visually stunning world - one which turns everyday things into extraordinary over-sized objects - for acrobats to inhabit, and for audiences to reconceive their daily life. To execute 'Circus Artefacts' we need to bring together guest artists, designers and fabricators, with access to cutting edge materials and design technology, in a cross-disciplinary research and development period. 

With full support, the result will be a world out of this world, playing with notions of scale and beauty, with notions of the extraordinary in the everyday. Our 'artefacts' we create will allow audiences to see the things they use in their daily life as new, interesting, strange, and full of story and possibility. 


Melba Spiegeltent

Melba Spiegeltent

Melba Spiegeltent

The Melba Spiegeltent, located at Circus Oz in Collingwood, is the perfect venue for festivals, arts events, corporate...