Hand2Hand is our program for young people experiencing social, cultural and financial challenges.

These young people are given the opportunity to attend our circus classes and education programs.

This community access program embodies inclusiveness and diversity and is only made possible through your gift of human kindness.

Become a change maker and give the gift of circus

        FDR 4 kids                                         FDR weekly                                       FDR juggling              

You will provide four kids entry to our schools workshop & performance program


You will contribute to a weekly class for a child


You will enable us to replenish our juggling balls for teaching classes

           FDR full term
                                       FDR full year                                           FDR class

You will enable a term program for a school year group


You will gift a full year of classes for a child


You will enable a term of classes for a child


This program is delivered in collaboration with our community partner organisations which are:
Asylum Seeker Resource Centre
City of Yarra
Collingwood College
Cubbies (Fitzroy Adventure Playground)
Neighbourhood Justice Centre
St. Joseph's Primary School

These organisations have direct contact with the young people in Collingwood area and they are able to support us in finding our Hand2Hand participants.  

Through this immersive program participants will attend the Circus Oz classes for free, and also be provided with additional opportunities to attend performances and meet performers. 

Your impact is that these young people can challenge themselves in a safe and supportive environment, improve their self-confidence through achieving personal goals, and build relationships by developing trust in others and themselves.

You can provide this opportunity. 

Circus is not only a chance to smile, learn a new skill, and have fun but it can be life-changing. 

Donate Today

Any donation, no matter how big or small, will provide the joy of circus to kids in our community and keep this fabulous program going.

Melba Spiegeltent

Melba Spiegeltent

Melba Spiegeltent

The Melba Spiegeltent, located at Circus Oz in Collingwood, is the perfect venue for festivals, arts events, corporate...