Live Music Fund


Born in the heart of Australia’s live music scene in Melbourne, Circus Oz is the only Australian circus company that always includes original live music in its shows. To make sure music is always a part of the special Circus Oz experience we have established a dedicated Live Music Fund to invest in instruments, technicians and transport.

Circus Oz band creates music that enhances every individual circus act on stage, tailored to mirror every movement for the performance. Group music songs involve everyone on stage including the circus performers and demonstrates just how multiskilled everyone is, a true strength of the company.

To maintian our artistic vitality we need to continue to have live music at the very heart of every Circus Oz performance. It is our point of difference, and it is critical that is always part of the show for our national and international touring.

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Thank you to our very generous donors that have set the foundation for this campaign.

About the Show

About the Show

About the Show

Circus Oz explodes back onto stage, audaciously unpacking the myths of modern Australia in their latest high octane circus...