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Shani Stephens


Shani Stephens is an Australian Acrobat and Handbalancer who grew up in a little country town in Queensland. Shani’s acrobatic journey started with gymnastics classes in a worn out tin shed at the age of 9, which formed the idea that she was happiest when she was upside down.

Shani loved the discipline and technique of gymnastics but craved creative physical expression, and therefore decided at the age of 15 to relocate to Albury to join the Flying Fruit Fly Circus. This was one of the major stepping stones in her career which moulded the young and passionate artist she is today.

Graduating in 2017, Shani now lives the crazy carny life and has been performing and touring with Circus Oz since 2018 as her first professional contract.

Shani Stephens - Performer