Current Mob

Emily Gare

Performer - Model Citizens

First Gig with Circus Oz: Bendigo 2018

Emily's Talents include: Acrobatics, Aerials, Contortion

Performing is in her blood and circus has become her life, Emily Gare is well versed in a variety of circus and dance styles. Growing up she was the kid who did everything, with a week full of extra-curricular activities. Running from dance to art class, competing in gymnastics, diving, and swimming, then playing netball on the weekends. You wouldn’t think that there was time for anything else, but when Emily turned eight it was time for something new. Circus. Training at the Wellington Circus Trust, travelling to Vermont (USA) to tour with Circus Smirkus, and performing in a wide variety of local troupes and venues, she decided to move to Melbourne (AUS) to study at the National Institute of Circus Arts Australia (NICA). Throughout this time she continued to learn and perform in a variety of different settings. After all Emily has never had trouble keeping busy.

Emily Gare - Performer - Model Citizens
Emily Gare - Performer - Model Citizens