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Astrid Rot


First Gig with Circus Oz: Melbourne 2017

Astrid Rot is singer, drummer and songwriter with Die Roten Punkte. She also plays glockenspiel, piano accordion and flute. Astrid first started drumming on the kitchen table when she was five but was quickly silenced by her mother and father. After the tragic and unexpected death of her parents on her twelfth birthday she quickly took up drumming again. Astrid’s minimalist style and legendary stage antics have made her both revered and feared in equal parts. Astrid began taking her brother Otto to see live bands when he was still a boy, hiding him under her coat. One night, she ‘found’ a stack of instruments on the sidewalk outside of a primary school. The next day they rehearsed any song they could think of and quickly began writing their own music. They instantly became the ‘must see act’ of the underground Berlin indie rock scene. Though most of their early offerings were less than a minute long they very rarely made it to the end of a song without fighting - their dysfunctional nature becoming part of their appeal.

As a teenager, Nina Hagen, Deborah Harry and Vivienne Westwood all heavily influenced Astrid’s unique take on Post-Punk and New Wave style. Now, the latest ‘Astrid’ dress or hair-do is often immediately copied by thousands of indie rock fans. Astrid’s songwriting is a potent mixture of simplicity and tragedy, from the sexually charged brevity of “Oh My God, Yeah” to the chilling depths of “The 4:15 To Spandau Will Not Run Today”. Astrid has a reputation for being a ‘party girl’ and her excessive outlandish lifestyle has made her a constant fixture in the European tabloids, most recently referring to her alleged stay in rehab.

Astrid Rot - Performer