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First Gig with Circus Oz: Melbourne 2017

Otto Rot is singer, guitarist, keytarist and songwriter with Die Roten Punkte. Otto grew up listening to Iggy Pop, David Bowie, The Cure and The Ramones and always dreamed of having a band of his own. His most treasured possession is his ‘Joey Ramone Doll’, which he never takes out of the box; in fact now ‘little Joey’ has his own road case. The first official DRP gig was supposed to be on Astrid’s 21st birthday in their squat but the band didn’t end up playing a single note. The party ended abruptly when the police arrived to break it up claiming that there were noise complaints. Astrid was furious when she found out the next day that the call was made by Otto.

After a shaky start the duo only did three gigs before Otto broke is foot. He was attempting to jump from Astrid’s kick drum and landed on a cable that wasn’t taped down. Astrid forbid this move forever and Otto had a broken leg that took 6 months to heal. During this time, he created his ‘Official Rock ‘n’ Roll Band Safety Checklist’ and published it on the Internet. The document caught on and was used by bands all over Eastern Europe and he won the Bundesrepublik Deutschland award for ‘Best Safety Practice in Industry’ and is considered a leader in the field of Band Safety. He is a committed vegan and loves connecting with other Straight Edgers on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. When he’s not touring the world he’s very much a homebody and hopes one day to meet a girl, fall in love and live happily ever after.

Otto Rot - Performer