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Poppy Fairbairn


Poppy has trained in ballet for 20 years now. She has a diverse background of different dance styles. As a child she trained and competed in Gymnastics as well as performing in the Australian Girls Choir, including Hugh Jackman’s show, “The Boy from Oz”. Poppy worked as an actor for a number of television commercials, short films, and as an extra in “Swimming Upstream”. She trained with the Australian Acting Academy, winning their Scholarship Programme at a young age.

Poppy started working as a circus performer in 2012 as a fire performer and burlesque duo. She began her training at the National Institute of Circus Arts in 2015 where she developed her passion for partner acrobatics. Since then, with her partner Zion Martyn, she has been performing adagio at various festivals, private events, and corporate events. She is currently specialising in Pointe Adagio and Risley Foot Juggling at NICA in their 3 year Bachelor of Circus Arts programme.

Poppy Fairbairn - Performer