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Zion Martyn


Zion did martial arts from a young age, practising styles such as White Crane Kung Fu and Bujinkan all through his teenage years, growing up in rural northern NSW he found himself part of a local small family circus after going to a medieval re- enactment festival with them, where he performed and taught in small scale cabarets, festivals and venues.

He has been training in circus arts since mid 2013, starting out with contortion and basic partner work before moving to Melbourne to further his circus career by undertaking training at the National Institute of Circus Arts. In his second year at the school he met his partner Poppy Fairbairn and started focusing on partner acrobatics.

Currently Zion and his partner specialise in Pointe Adagio and are the only acrobatic couple to perform this technique in Australia, he has performed at venues such as the Crown Casino and Luna Park as well as many smaller cabaret venues around the city of Melbourne.

Zion Martyn - Performer