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Matty Brown


Mathew James Brown is an Artist/Performer/Guitarist from Melbourne Australia. His career spans more than 15 years within the entertainment industry.

With a background in competitive gymnastics and a bachelor of circus arts from the National Institute Of Circus Arts (NICA2003-2005) Mat has spent the better part of a decade developing his group ensemble work including but not limited to basing, middling, trampoline, hand to hand, pitching (base and fly), toss, passing club juggle, hoop diving, skipping, teeterboard (dismounts), russian swing (fly), ground acrobatics, chinese pole, electric and acoustic guitar plus continually developing his own movement qualities and refining his chosen solo disciplines of 7 ball juggle, hand balancing, chinese pole and aerial straps.

Mat has continually proven himself within the entertainment industry as a valuable performer but does not pride himself on his career highlights or his own attained skill levels - He instead finds himself overwhelmed with the experience and privilege of working alongside the most renowned world class athletes and performers.

Matty Brown - Performer