Current Mob

Matt Wilson

Performer - Tutti, Rock Bang

Matt's Talents include: Acrobatics, hand-balancing, slapstick comedy, clown, juggling, high falls, human cannonball, flying trapeze, hoop diving, guitar, clarinet, saxaphone, percussion and vocals

Matt has worked professionally for over 25 years as a circus acrobat, actor, stuntman, singer, musician and director. He has performed with companies including Circus Oz, Arena Theatre, Malthouse Theatre, Dislocate, Rock’n’Roll Circus, Circus Monoxide, Legs on the Wall, Bizircus and many more.

In 2005 Matt won the Melbourne Fringe Festival Best Circus Performance Award for his solo show Trade of the Trick. Other career highlights include: bungee jumping off the Sydney Opera House on New Year’s Eve 2000; being shot out of a cannon over the audience in the New Victory Theatre in New York; and falling off an elephant dressed as Dame Edna (that’s Matt as Edna, not the elephant!)

Matt Wilson - Performer - Tutti, Rock Bang
Matt Wilson - Performer - Tutti, Rock Bang