Education Programs

At Circus Oz we believe that everyone is capable of discovering their strength, reaching their goals and contributing to something extraordinary.

We offer primary and secondary-aged students the opportunity to participate in a circus workshop, attend a performance, or make a day of it and do both.

School Workshops

Our School Workshops program is designed for primary and secondary-aged students. We strongly encourage teachers to have a go as well and learn something new alongside their students. Our programs cover not only the physical skills – though there are plenty of those – but also encourage students to learn more about ourselves, ways to work with each other and importantly transfer this knowledge to the world around them.

At Circus Oz we believe in doing things properly. We are committed to safely giving students the best possible experience that leaves them enriched, motivated and excited to learn more. And it just wouldn’t be a Circus Oz program without a lot of fun, and laughter!

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School Shows

Performed by some of Australia’s finest circus theatre performers, Circus Oz performances will inspire awe and curiosity in those of all ages, helping children to see the advantages in collaboration and open up the world of arts.  

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