Adults Classes: Short Courses

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Short Courses are a great introduction for those looking for a taste test before commiting to a full term, try something new or keep up their skills between terms.  With only one or two sessions these making great gifts without the commitment of a full term.

Handstands & Conditioning 6pmBook Now

Monday 24th Septemebr & 1st October 6:00pm-7:30pm - 2 Sessions for $60.00

This class will focus on improving your technique and balance time in various handstand shapes, as well as gaining confidence in practicing handstands independently and learning safe dismount techniques. The conditioning component of the class will focus on building the strength and flexibility to get the most out of your handstands.

Trainers: Leigh Marning


Introduction to AerialBook Now

Wednesdays 26th September & 3rd October, 6:30pm-8:30pm - 2 Sessions for $64.00

Learn the basics and develop a repertoire. This class will be focussed on learning skills on tissu, trapeze and aerial hoop. Kick off with climbing and wrapping and progress to spinning, holding poses and learning sequences.

Trainers: Leigh Marning


Tumbling Book Now

Tuesday 25th September & 2nd October, 6.30pm-9.00pm - 2 Sessions for $72.00

A short course in tumbling will show you how to roll, jump and handstand your way to tumbling skills! A mixed levels class to develop or further hone your skills. Please note, bookings are required for this class, this is not a drop in class.

Trainer: Tom Davis


Flexibility & ContortionBook Now

Thursdays 27th September & 4th October, 6.30pm-8.30pm - 2 Sessions for $64.00

Increase your flexibility safely and sustainably with individual and partner stretches. Further hone your skills and develop a repertoire of contortion poses and balances. Suitable for beginners through to aspiring or trained contortionists.

Trainer: Leigh Marning


Tissu Book Now

Mondays 24th Spetmebr & 1st October, 7:30pm-9:30pm - 2 Sessions for $64.00

This class will cover some tissu (silks) basics, including climbing, wrapping and dropping into poses. Physical background recommended (dance, gym, pole, rock-climbing or other aerial skills). Requires a moderate amount of upper-body strength to participate.

Trainer: Tarn Scully


Intermediate Aerial Contact

Wednesdays 26th September & 3rd October, 6.30pm-8.30pm - 2 Sessions for $64.00

Participants must have completed at least a term of Introduction to Aerial (or equivalent experience). Expand your repertoire of skills on trapeze, aerial ring and tissu. Please contact your Introduction to Aerials trainer or our Circus Oz Classes Coordinator, on 03 9676 0325 to see if this class is suitable for you.

Trainers: TBC