Special Occasions

Circus Oz runs circus skills workshops to celebrate all types of special occasions! 

Whether it's a Birthday, a Hens or Bucks party, a Community group or simply having fun with friends, our professional Circus Oz trainers will design a fun and engaging circus skills workshops for your group.

If you're a business or organisation after a circus skills workshop for your team, you can find more information in Corporate Programs.

Workshops are suitable for ages 6+. Workshops generally begin with a fun ice-breaker game. Then after a physical warm-up get stuck into working on up to 3 different circus apparatus. The types of activities we can potentially include are: 

- Aerial apparatuses such as Triple Trapeze or for older groups, Aerial Ring or Tissu/Silks or Flying Trapeze.              

- Ground based skills such as Acro-balance/Pyramids, Tumbling or Mini-tramp.                                

- Manipulation skills such as Juggling, Diabolo, Devil sticks or Plate spinning.                                  

- Hula hoops.                                                                                                                          

- Balance skills such as Rola bola, Walkig globe or Tight-wire.

How long is the workshop?
Option of 2 hour session or 1.5 hour session and 30 minutes in our kitchen for cake or snacks. (no hot food, sorry). Shorter sessions are recommended for ages 6-10 years old. 
Where are the workshops held?
Circus Oz Headquarters are at 35 Johnston Street in Collingwood.
Do you provide catering?
We have full kitchen facilites including a dishwasher but we do not provide any catering. Please note, heating up food is not availble for these sessions, however, we do have tea and coffee faclitities that you are welcome to use. 

How much does it cost?

The fees outlined below are subsidised rates applying to community groups, private birthday parties/special occasions and other private sessions not affiliated with a business or organisation. Please see Corporate Programs for information on our team sessions.

If you are unsure whether you are eligible for these rates, please contact the Classes and Education Coordinator Daniel McBurnie.

T | 03 9676 0325
E | classes@circusoz.com.au

Up to 2 hour session:                                                                                                              

1-8 participants (1-6 for flying trapeze) - 1 Circus Oz trainer. Total cost: $370.00 plus gst.                                                

9-16 participants (6-12 for flying trapeze)- 2 Circus Oz trainers. Total cost: $700.00 plus gst.                                            

17-24 participants - 3 Circus Oz trainers. Total cost: $1000.00 plus gst.                                        

Quotes for more than 24 participants or a longer session are available on request.  

When can we book?
We usually run these types of sessions on Sundays as we run public classes here all day on Saturdays. Availability confirmed on request.

If you would like to book a workshop or make an enquiry please contact the Classes and Education Coordinator Cleo Cutcher.  

T | 03 9676 0325
E | classes@circusoz.com.au