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Quebec, Canada - Planete Quebec; Four Stars

10th March 2015

The title ‘But Wait…There's more!’ refers to marketing that wants us to impress speaking of new products, improved, more powerful, hence the wait there is more!

A part of the troupe enters by the audience playing the saxophone and drum. They take the opportunity to tease the audience along the way. Once on the stage, acrobats come out of a big trunk already on stage. A spectacular entrance that immediately puts us in a spirit of celebration.

We are introduced to numbers that are expected at the circus, juggling, trapeze, acrobatics, balancing, hand-to-hand, Chinese pole. The numbers are all very successful. However, what stands out in this Australian troupe, it's probably likely that more acts are made by women than by men. It is even a woman receiving a male acrobat on the flying trapeze. The strength of these women is amazing.

An impressive number is the hoops where a young woman's swirls with the body, neck, legs, ankles, to come to swirl almost thirty hoops at a time, the point of almost disappearing under the hula hoops. Another number that I loved is that of a young woman who juggles grain balls. She even used the foot to return them to her hands. Her number combines flexibility and originality. There is also the number of the unicycle rider who manages his wheelies so that he will certainly have given ideas to young people in the room. He mastered so well his bike to combine a number of aerobatic displays.

The alive and rhythmic music is played by musicians on stage while a young woman, master of ceremonies, speaks to us in English with some French words, but her strong Australian accent is not easy to understand. Fortunately, stage boxes placed translate his words.

Between their numbers, members of the troupe are in the black and white striped dress of prisoners, with their registration numbers displayed on the back. They add lightness to the show that is sometimes too suggestive for a young audience. What are these prisoners with orange tufts of hair that cause laughter in the room.We would have liked more to not be as aware of the changes of gear.

Planete Quebec
Jocelyne Tourangue
(Translated from French)

Photographer: Rob Blackburn

Quebec, Canada - Planete Quebec; Four Stars -