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Quebec, Canada - Huffington Post; But Wait… There’s More: Indeed!

9th March 2015

They are Australians, these friendly jugglers, trapeze artists and clowns of Circus Oz, so to defuse the outset clichés that we may have in mind, they state that there will kangaroos and koalas in this show, features of this mythical Down Under. In fact we will be entitled to a hilarious clowning number where indeed a stuffed kangaroo play a small role, but for the rest, we will return. Only reference to their distant origin: clothes striped with numbers on the back. Reference, I thought, the fact that Australia was first a penal colony.

But members of Circus Oz, which can be seen in the show But wait ... there's more at Tohu, are certainly not prisoners of any agreement or mold gear whatsoever. They lead us merrily in their crazy world and let me tell you it is a pleasure to follow them there. The mistress of ceremonies, Candy Bowers, sets the tone: she peppers her speech with French phrases and then acrobats, musicians, all literally come out of a surprise box, delighting the audience during the two hours the show lasts. We are not bored for a minute and we're sorry when it ends.

Lilikoi Kaos dazzles us initially with a number of golden hoops that she not only handles with virtuoso, but seem animated by their own life. I loved the way she assumes her femininity, laughing and without complex, adjusting her panties and her bra as if it was perfectly normal on a stage before an audience. And it was. Following is a number acrobats and another unicycle, which emerges like a good child with undeniable charm. The clowns, Matt Wilson and Olivia Porter, are completely hilarious. Crazy like that cannot, inventive, amazing, I really enjoyed the absurdity of their number. They use one of the other as lever as tripod, as a foil for the happiest effect. I was impressed.

The musicians are part of the show, in fact almost everyone plays an instrument. And music has retro accents which seemed to me the most refreshing. This changes the techno at all costs and I saw a heartfelt tribute to the history of the circus and that contemporary artists are all those who preceded them.

After the interval, Nathan Kell us a video game session very different with a screen that crosses masterfully to indulge in all sorts of contortions and virtual combat. Then, a trapeze shamelessly attempts to seduce a girl with music reminiscent of Miles Davis. The result is sexy and sensual, evocative. And this clown, Olivia Porter, who seemed the strangest of the lot, will make us a number I've ever seen: with balls which she uses with unparalleled originality to a surprising result that passes understanding. In the final, Chinese pole act where everyone puts his hand to the pole and where one feels behind the incredible elegance of gesture, all the strength necessary for such stunts.

But wait ... there's more is an adorable spectacle that will appeal to everyone because of the perfect dosage found there: humor, showmanship, physical prowess, exuberance and extravagance, and also moments that remain ahead, beautiful moments of grace in which I meditate again.


Huffington Post
Marie-Claire Girard
(Translated from French)

Photographer: Rob Blackburn

Quebec, Canada - Huffington Post; But Wait… There’s More: Indeed! -