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Melbourne, Australia - Kid Town; Circus Oz - that's what I'm talking 'bout

23rd June 2015

Allow me to review our visit to Oz's "But Wait…There's More" show C.I.R.C.U.S style.

C - Chuffed to be there. A walk from St Kilda Rd to the Big Top was nippy (I assumed Oz was just behind Fed Square, but it's actually closer to the Tennis Centre). However, upon trekking from our poor parking spot, we entered a spirited, lively atmosphere. Foyer, roomful of vibrant colours, bubbly chatter - counterweight to these harsh, wintry evenings. The hosts and hostesses, extremely amicable were on hand to answer any questions and adhere to our needs, they went out of their way to help.

I - Invigorated. Once seated (assisted by the smiley-faced, fancily-garbed ushers), I observed the stagehands swiftly set up, which reminded me this ain't some 2D flick. Soon after, an introductory speech - informative, impassioned, interactive, which made us feel all the more welcome. With a last-minute run for some yummy donuts, the show commenced - bang, bang, bang, as the non-stop thrill ride launched. Utterly awed, as these brilliant, multi-skilled performers switched from stage to band to stage again.

R - Relaxed as I settled in. Unlike some theatres where you're in some stark, stagnant void behind a bouffant hairdo, the Big Top was warm, spacious and lively with the audience immediately at ease, which enhanced everyone's leisure.

C - Captivated as I gaped at the acrobatic spectacular. The stuff we were privy to and didn't realize was humanly possible. Take 'hula hoop lady'; defying physics as she twirled numerous hoops around her arms, torso, legs, ankles, but then... ! Rapidly reaching, retracting (x 10) through a 'circular blur' as she simultaneously danced around. Then, take 'hula hoop guy', who rotated like a spinning coin as he clung inside his jumbo hoop. Then take 'unicyclist and partner', skidding back and forth while balancing, contorting like Torvill and Dean!

U - Upbeat, cheerful atmosphere. The audience were not only engaged, but enthralled. Everyone in great spirits, which further fostered the levity, jollity and frivolity.

S - Satisfied. Oz are on their game, no doubt about it. From first entering, to exiting. From having the first performer wander up to personally greet us. From that interesting, insightful, interactive introductory speech. From that exhilarating entertainment and magical mastery. To that great hospitality. "But Wait…There's More"; an evening not to be missed.

Photographer: Rob Blackburn

Melbourne, Australia - Kid Town; Circus Oz - that's what I'm talking 'bout -