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Melbourne, Australia - The F; Circus Oz Melbourne

24th June 2015

Roll up, roll up, roll up, the circus is arrived.

Melbourne’s most popular circus troupe Circus Oz is back in town for another fun filled magical adventure that promises to astound and amaze.

The show returns to Birrarung Marr with But Wait There’s More, the first show created in the new Circus Oz Collingwood home and has toured internationally across America while having spent a legendary season at iconic circus venue, La Tohu.

Strangely enough, this would only be the second time to have seen the circus. I recently saw one a few months ago, but unfortunately that show turned out to be quite lacklustre. So knowing about the vast and colourful history of Circus Oz, my expectations were very high to begin with and safe to say, I was not disappointed.

As the performers embarked on their tricks, the audience were giddy with excitement, exuding several ‘oohs’ and ‘aahs’ every several minutes. It wasn’t just your regular night watching a circus, it was an explosive performance of death defying tricks, stunning skills that have to be seen to be believed and hilarious comical acts that had many of us in fits of laughter.

But the night wasn’t all just fun and games, in fact the show was more of a political statement than anything else. Circus Oz takes the audience on an escapade about the perils of consumerism, with many of the acts alluding to the message of how we all just keep wanting more and more, never ever being satisfied with what we actually have. Everyone strives to be the epitome of perfection. Hence the name of the show – But Wait There’s More – a common line used in cheesy infomercials promoting often useless products.

Towards the end we’re treated with a little surprise from the creators, who not-so-subtly tell us what they exactly think about the recent drama caused by the Federal Arts Industry, and the many budget cuts the arts industry has suffered from in general.

In summary, it’s a mind-blowing experience for everyone both young and old, and a definite must-see for 2015.

The F
Aleczander Gamboa

Photographer: Rob Blackburn

Melbourne, Australia - The F; Circus Oz Melbourne -