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Sydney, Australia - GNN; Roll Up! Roll Up! Circus Oz is back in Sydney with their new shows in the Big Top

21st December 2015

After touring the world, Circus Oz tumbles back to Sydney with their new show in the Big Top. Performer Dale Woodbridge-Brown tells Cec Busby what’s in store in But Wait ... There’s More.

Unlike many a performer Dale Woodbridge-Brown admits theatre and the arts factored very little in his formative years. Growing up as a shy child in the town of Mungindi on the Queensland-NSW border, he says ‘actual theatre’ never really made it much into his thoughts. Although he does have fond memories of choreographing dance moves with his sisters and cousins to Janet Jackson’s greatest hits.

“But our family famous favourite was ‘Mr Boombastic’ by Shaggy,” he laughs. “Soooo many body rolls,”

He does recall an early performance playing a bird at his preschool in Mungindi but says the first role that actually really made an impact on his psyche was as a youngster playing a ‘soda can’ in a show with Circus West.

“My sister was the circus star in those days,” he says.

But it wasn’t until he came out as gay man and finally started to embrace all parts of himself that a career in the spotlight beckoned.

“It was then that a performer started to appear and I developed a bit of a character,” he says. “Then a career in the arts was an encouraged path by my friends and family.”

Originally studying dance at the Aboriginal Centre for Performing Arts in Brisbane, Woodbridge-Brown says his career in circus came as somewhat of a surprise.

“I was contacted by Circus Oz to do a workshop and audition for a show called BLAKflip,” he explains. “Four years later, I’m still here.”

These days rather than wow the crowds with a perfectly executed pirouette Woodbridge-Brown surprises the audience with his spectacular acrobatics. Whilst a recent injury has seen the need for him to modify his act, he tells SX he is recovering quickly and able to perform more physical feats as each day goes by.

Asked what it is like to be a part of the Circus Oz family, Woodbrige-Brown’s answer is succinct.

“It’s definitely a very colourful family. We are with each other quite a bit. We tour together, we work together, and we are in each other’s pockets. We have to know when to be around each other and when to have our own space.”

He describes a typical Circus Oz show as fun for everyone.

“There’s cheeky jokes for the grown-ups and lots of silliness for the little ones.”

He hopes any audience members watching But Wait ... There’s More. will take away a sense of diversity. “Diversity in people, performance and some good memories,” Woodbridge-Brown says.

Circus Oz: But Wait…There’s More

After being on the road from Melbourne to Mildura; Port Macquarie to Palm Island; an international tour across America and a season at Montreal’s legendary circus venue, La Tohu, Circus Oz will catapult into Sydney with the Circus Oz Big Top this summer for the first time in two years. The Circus Oz ensemble will perform the final season of the touring show: But Wait…There’s More on the Showring at The Entertainment Quarter from 30 December 2015 – 24 January 2016.

But Wait…There’s More is the very first show created in the new Circus Oz custom-built circus home in Melbourne, and after touring together for two years, the world-famous Circus Oz ensemble are at the top of their game. They feature a creative bunch of 12 fabulous weirdos including graceful men, strong women, incredibly intricate and innovative jugglers, lyrical and virtuosic unicyclers, hilarious flying trapeze artists, booty-shaking hip-hoppers, highly-musical-acrobats and highly-acrobatic-musicians.

Presented at breakneck speed through cheeky impersonations, ridiculous knockabout and multi-skilled human physical exuberance, But Wait…There’s More is a fantastically entertaining amalgamation of tricks and ideas, including a satirical look at today’s culture of info-besity and consumer overload based around society’s focus on stuff.

Performed under the Big Top within a spectacular large-scale set inspired by an abandoned theatre in tatters, But Wait…There’s More accelerates to become a roller-coaster of speed and choice-mania – it is punchy, exciting and a funny vaudeville-inspired show for humans of all ages.

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Photographer: Rob Blackburn

Sydney, Australia - GNN; Roll Up! Roll Up! Circus Oz is back in Sydney with their new shows in the Big Top -