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Sydney, Australia - Kid Size Living; Review of Circus Oz: But Wait… There’s More

5th January 2016

Last night we entered the Big Top at Entertainment Quarter for an exhilarating ride with some of the most incredible circus performers we have ever seen.

From the moment we entered the Big Top I knew this was going to be special.  It looked like any other circus but there was an air of difference: the laconic Australian humour of the program seller, the merchandise that was actually useful (water bottles and water pouches), the bright happy faces of the ushers and the irreverent antics of the performers in the aisles before the show dancing to all the great tracks from bands of old. 

Circus Oz has been creating a unique Australian Circus experience for 37 years.  A not for profit company they stand for social justice, educating young people and making great physical theatre.

When the lights went down the anticipation was immense.  The first act was a unicycle duo - a stunning performance of skill, mastery, physical agility and graceful dance.  The trust between the performers was extraordinary. From this magnificent start came a cascade of physical feats, hysterical moments and the gentle unfolding of a message about consumerism - that was actually just rollicking good fun. 

The lighting, costumes, music (performed live on stage by many of the troupe) and staging was really spectacular and full of surprises.  Some of the bigger circuses (while incredible) are sometimes just a little too big in terms of the space.  Circus Oz has a Big Top that created an intimate experience (ok we had great seats) that made us feel part of the fun.  Our eight year old was enthralled through the whole show and a was part of a bunch of kids that hopped into the ring to dance with the lions!

Highly recommend this night out as a great school holiday treat and one that the kids will remember. 

Adjacent to the big top The Grounds has hung up their shingle offering some good food and drinks for big and little people.  You can also have a drink and a snack in the Big Top an hour before the show.

Kid Size Living
Lisa Cahill

Photographer: Rob Blackburn

Sydney, Australia - Kid Size Living; Review of Circus Oz: But Wait… There’s More -