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Sydney, Australia -The AU Review; Arts Reviews: Circus Oz

6th January 2016

Circus Oz has become an Australian institution in its 37 years of performing around the world. One of the world’s first ‘contemporary’ circus’ - presenting shows without animals in more artistic settings – the group is partly responsible for many of the current crop of art circus troupes we’re familiar with today. But Wait.. There’s More sees the gang return to Australia after much of 2015 overseas and finally bringing their rock ‘n’ roll approach back to Sydney audiences.

The show is a humorous and creative take on consumerism and contemporary culture, with both serious and slapstick acts to boot. Starting the show with all of the cast and band (a total of 12) getting out of one cardboard whitegood box, the audience was treated to an extravaganza including hula tricks, trapeze, juggling, rope and acrobatics for over 2 hours of fun. Highlights included a duo acrobatic performance with one unicycle, some astounding tricks in a life-sized metal ring and a poignant trapeze show, which gracefully represented depression. Hosted by the outrageous Dale Woodbridge-Brown, the show followed through with irreverent humour and fun tricks and skits for all ages, with a deeper message at heart.

The performers are astounding; not stuck to one routine or trick but multi-faceted and ready for anything. Particular mention to Matt Wilson who not only clowned, hosted, sang and did some amazing acrobatics, but also played bass in the band. Such is life in the circus, but in Circus Oz, the cast have as much fun as the audience, and the whole show feels like a wonderfully intimate party in a big backyard.

The AU Review
Julian Ramundi

Photographer: Rob Blackburn

Sydney, Australia -The AU Review; Arts Reviews: Circus Oz -