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The Circus Oz Strong Women Event

15th January 2016

Circus Oz brings together an inspiring and influential group of outstanding Australian women from business, education, politics and entertainment to share their personal stories on what makes a strong woman today and how to inspire the strong women of tomorrow. This will be a special pre-show panel discussion and fundraiser for the Circus Oz Strong Women program.

Hosted by Circus Oz Chair, Wendy McCarthy AO with the Honorable Quentin Bryce AD CVO; Julie McKay, Executive Director of UN Women National Committee of Australia; Denise Bradley, AC Emeritus Professor; and Mel Fyfe, past Circus Oz ensemble member performing as a strong woman – they will share their experiences in gender perceptions throughout their careers and highlight approaches to celebrate female role models and inspire all women to promote strength and confidence.

Circus Oz is a not for profit organisation that champions strong women and believes that women are capable of achieving the impossible to the unlikely by laughing in the face of danger with incredible grace, strength, stamina and rebellious spirit.

Wendy McCarthy AO explains that Circus Oz has always valued gender equality, “Our performers, board members, senior management and those working across the company represent well in excess of 50% women– a number which many of Australia’s top companies are aspiring to reach with board and senior management representation.”

Recently, with special assistance from the Australian Council for the Arts and individual donors, Circus Oz piloted a Strong Women masterclass program that saw seven emerging female circus artists from across Australia participate in an intensive immersion of circus creation. Over three weeks, they threw themselves (literally) into the widest possible range of skills and performance styles and challenged their own ideas of what it means to be a female circus performer.

Providing a pathway for talented female directors and performers the Circus Oz Strong Women program is a professional development training and masterclass program modelled on our highly successful and award-winning Circus Oz BLAKflip program for emerging Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artists. Tho participants are mentored and supported as potential members of the company’s artistic team and ensemble, and as independent artists in their own right.

To ensure the viability of this fantastic Strong Women program, the Circus Oz panel discussion and fundraiser event will allow for the ongoing support and development of female performers to broaden their skills and resilience that will provide an outstanding contribution to the sector.

This event include the Strong Women panel discussion followed by tickets for the current Circus Oz touring show, But Wait…There’s More. This is a wonderful opportunity to witness the thrills of the current Circus Oz show, But Wait…There’s More, that features a creative bunch of 12 fabulous weirdos including strong women, graceful men, incredibly intricate and innovative jugglers, lyrical and virtuosic unicyclers, hilarious flying trapeze artists, booty-shaking hip-hoppers, highly-musical-acrobats and highly-acrobatic-musicians.

The Circus Oz Strong Women panel discussion and fundraiser event is proudly supported by Maddocks, Women in Focus (CBA), Innocent Bystander and Little Creatures.

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