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Founding Member, Laurel Frank, wins Green Room Award.

22nd March 2016

At The Green Room Awards Ceremony at the Comedy Theatre last night, Laurel Frank, Circus Oz Founding Member, and designer of our extraordinary and fabulous costumes over the past 38 years has been awarded the prestigious Technical Achievement Award, which recognises a sustained contribution to the Melbourne stage by a designer or technician.

Guest Show Director Anni Davey has been lucky enough to work with Laurel, previously as an ensemble member at Circus Oz and now collaborating on the new Circus Oz show TWENTYSIXTEEN.

"There’s so many constraints with circus costuming - you need it to move and be flexible and be strong - and while others may resort to the lycra bodysuit, Laurel has such a wealth of knowledge and experience that she can create these functional pieces while still displaying the amazing conceptual ideas. Laurel works with the idea of circus - being diverse, non-competitive, eccentric and irreverent - and embodies this in every piece."

From all the mob at Circus Oz we would like to congratulate Laurel for this well deserved award. Her vision, passion, creativity, gentle way and quirky wit are a daily delight for us and we look forward to seeing the creation of her amazing costumes for the new Circus Oz production, TWENTYSIXTEEN.

Founding Member, Laurel Frank, wins Green Room Award. -