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10th January 2018

Circus Oz scores a big hit with its new show Model Citizens

Circus Oz has notched up a triumph with Model Citizens, its brand new show that takes a sharp pin to the self-congratulatory bubble of conformity that besets parts of Australian society.

Model Citizens opened last Friday night under the Big Top in Prince Alfred Square at Parramatta.

It is a highlight of the Sydney Festival, and runs until January 28.

The much-tattooed performer Mitch Jones played the pink-mohawked maverick attempting to be accepted into polite backyard suburban society where everyone was dressed identically. Jones was shunned by the small-minded, barbecue-worshipping locals, some of whom were dressed as sheep.

Poor Jones. He staggered under the weight of an increasing number of giant credit cards, eventually flinging a volley of knives at the fridge where his overdue bills were stuck — and where his onstage wife, played by Tara Silcock, was standing.

Gradually all the characters loosened up and discovered their real selves as they performed foot-juggling feats in a giant martini glass, did gasp-inducing aerial acts and mind-boggling acrobatic exploits.

You could really sense the cohesion of the various members of the troupe as they supported one another confidently but watchfully in their gravity-defying moves.

No matter how dangerous the antics are in reality, you felt you were in very safe hands throughout the show.

There were a couple of short but incredibly witty songs to keep the storyline spinning along in the right direction, and the driving beat and wild percussive vibe of the live musical accompaniment was brilliant.

Opening night featured some very sweet speeches by everyone from the local mayor to the NSW Arts Minister Don Harwin, and everyone was dressed down and getting into the popcorn.

It all added to a relaxed and community feeling that the event might not have achieved if it had been staged in central Sydney.

If this is the culmination of 40 years of Circus Oz, the company’s future is looking great.


Elizabeth Fortescue, The Daily Telegraph

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