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Review - Precarious - Stage Whispers

3rd July 2018

A truly magical experience under the heated Big Top!

Precarious is the new show by Circus Oz, currently on at the Botanical Gardens.

Celebrating their forty years, Circus Oz have produced yet another wonderful circus extravaganza.

Director Rob Tannion has teamed up with independent director Kate Fryer to deliver a new era in circus entertainment, reflecting on the past to create an up-scaled grass roots production.

Precarious is threaded with an enchanting old worldly tale that sets the acrobatic ensemble into a series of buffoon like antics, as they fight the bureaucracy and seek the lost seed. It is a subtle probe into governmental concerns on the effects of climate change.

The magnificent and charming team weave their antics within and around their spectacular acrobatics that include the impressive Chinese pole (Lachlan Sukroo), elegantly poised acro-balance (Emily Gare), the breathtakingly glorious aerial sling (Tania Cervantes Chamorro), the amazing block handstands (Jon Bonaventura), the dramatic bungee trapeze (Dylan Singh) including the splendid Cyr wheel and dazzling juggling antics (Jake Silvestro) - all truly mind-blowingly splendiferous. It is also great to see a smattering of old- fashioned clownery with credit to the exceptional talents of the stunning Hula Hoop performer (Tara Silcock).

The Musical Director (Jeremy Hopkins) and cohort (Sophia Exiner) have created a unique fusion of Brazilian–samba-pop-rock that exudes a funky ambience throughout the entire show.

Congratulations to the entire Precarious team, while looking forward to their next milestone, as they continue their Internationally acclaimed shows across the globe, always maintaining their true pioneering strengths in experimenting with contemporary circus practices and exciting locations, and most importantly to entertain us all.

Flora Georgiou

This review was published on Stage Whispers, Monday 2 July.

Review - Precarious - Stage Whispers -