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Review – Bubblegum Cabaret – Play & Go Adelaide

19th February 2019

Circus Oz are back in town bringing their unique flair and own brand of fun to The Fringe.

Circus Oz feature in the Adelaide Fringe program with two shows – ‘Neon‘, an 80s inspired “gloriously gaudy” showcase for adults-only, and ‘Bubblegum Cabaret’, a bright, fun and contagious circus treat made especially for kids.

Whilst this is a show created with the kids in mind, Bubblegum Cabaret is an absolute gem that is as enticing for adults as it is for children.

In the saturated ‘circus/physical theatre’ category Circus Oz manages to stand out from the crowd with its wickedly cheeky personality, cracking soundtrack and brilliant sense of fun, entirely backed up by breathtakingly impressive stunts.

From the moment the music started in the Corona Theature in the Garden of Unearthly Delights we were hooked. Each member of the ensemble oozes a sense of cheeky fun whilst treating the audience to a delight of acts including acrobatics, extreme-hula hooping and ‘more-hoops-than-seems-possible’ juggling.

It’s the effortlessness with which the ensemble perform these stunts which makes the show particularly impressive and enjoyable. Each performer is a true master of their art, leaving the audience in awe of their skills and blissfully unaware of any exertion.

Bubblegum Cabaret is a brilliant, fun way to absorb the essence of the Adelaide Fringe. It is family-friendly without resorting to cliche slapstick gags or needing to ‘dumb down’ for a younger audience.

Genuine and uplifting this is a perfect show to enjoy with your favourite ‘all ages’ crew.

Play & Go Adelaide, 18 February 2019

Review – Bubblegum Cabaret – Play & Go Adelaide -