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Melbourne - Inpress; Circus Oz

23rd June 2010

Circus Oz's new show (no name -just 'Circus Oz'), looks old-fashioned but it most definitely belongs in the 21st century. The lovely sense of circus of yore is heightened by the fabulous steam-punk aesthetic and traditional acts like bicycle balancing and cigar box juggling.

The costumes take you back 100 years or so and the set design works well without dominating the scene. The whole thing is just so gorgeous and happy. Making it's not funny. Except that it is funny, wild and comical, and exciting with balancing acts to make you gasp. The drum solo/balancing act where the acrobat stacks up bongos and snares into a precarious rolling tower has audience members shouting out, "Impossible!" and, "You can't do it!" Of course ha can, and does. The hip hipping red kangaroos (an entirely modern departure) are hilarious before they even start to run riot.

Circus Oz has a unique culture that thoroughly informs what they do. No one performer is the star of this show; you get a great sense o the ensemble's trust and camaraderie. The music's an absolute standout. You'd have a happy night out simply listening to the band and Sarah ward's original songs yet it all works together to produce a multilayered show with all the fun you could ever want. Opening night ended with a spontaneous standing ovation. Circus Oz is a treasure, even more so when you take into account the good they do out in the community.

Liza Dezfouli