Sidesault Residency Program

Sidesault is about taking risks, leaping off the edge and creating a hub for innovation. Whether it is opening up circus as a form of expression for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artists, or bringing an eclectic group of small companies together to make new work, our Sidesault Program is supporting and inspiring a new generation of circus artists.

By providing access to our purpose built circus facilities, Sidesault has supported over 120 independent artists and members of small companies to train and develop new work. These incredible, innovative artists have pushed the boundaries of the artform and developed award-winning shows such as Perhaps There Is Hope - Company Here and Now, Undertone - Avan Whaite and co, Knee Deep - Casus, Left - Long Answers to Simple Questions, My Life in Boxes - Gravity Dolls and No Punchline - Sara Pheasant and co.

In 2017, the Sidesault Residency Program is all about artform development through a series of new artistic collaborations exploring the rich diversity of contemporary Australian circus today. Circus Oz will bring together an eclectic group of five independent small to medium circus companies together in a mutually beneficial program that opens up new creative and physical dialogue regarding the artistic process and practices, artistic goals, and performance outcomes.

For example, we plan to produce a clowning and live music collaboration with Salvadore Dinosaur (Die Roten Punkte). Two extraordinarily talented creators and performers, Clare Bartholomew and Daniel Tobias have adopted a genre close to Circus Oz’s heart, musical clowning, and taken it to a whole new level. Performing as a German arthouse band, they will bring their clowning, text-based theatre and musical theatre expertise and together with Circus Oz we will create a larger-scale clowning piece, something that neither company has previously undertaken.

The Sidesault Residency Program will create a series of new works with the potential to make real contributions to the creative outcomes for the small companies involved, ongoing development of the circus artform and the artistic evolution of Circus Oz.

All participating artists will be exposed to new creative processes, new opportunities and new working models. Each of the five company residencies has the potential to lead to joint, ongoing, artistically unique works, or works in which Circus Oz is a key creative partner. Join us and collaborate to create new and exciting circus together. 


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