Sidesault in Residence

With the support of the Australia Council, during the Sidesault in Residence Project Circus Oz hosted five independent circus companies – Salvador Dinosaur (Otto & Astrid Rot), Company 2, Gravity Dolls, Skye Gellman Ensemble and Circus Trick Tease. With each company representing a differing approach to the circus art form, these residencies provided for an exchange of ideas, future employment with Circus Oz and mentorship opportunities, and in the case of Salvador Dinosaur and Company 2, opportunities to develop unique innovative mainstage works in collaboration with Circus Oz.

In 2018 Circus premiered RockBang! Featuring Otto and Astrid Rot (Die Roten Punkte), and development continues on our new tightwire piece with Company 2. 

“This project has helped a new vision reveal itself” Chelsea McGuffin, Company 2

“Inspiration, dedication and creativity” Malia Walsh, Circus Tricktease

“I think we all win with having more quality work being made and produced” Tarah Carey, Gravity Dolls

“Our understanding of circus as an artform took leaps forward” Skye Gellmann, Skye Gellmann Ensemble

“No one complains that my drums are too loud and I am so happy to be making a show not just alone with Otto, but with an ensemble of incredible circus performers!" - Astrid Rot, Die Roten Punkte