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A Very Kitty Xmas - The Last Supper

Kitty Bang

19 December

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For a decade now, the unstoppable Kitty Bang and her RAWKAS band of merry-men, WOW-men and music playing humans, have been lighting the Christmas cracker in the hearts, souls and underpants of Melbournians.

As Kitty prepares to relocate to her new spiritual home, DARWIN, she is putting her 16-piece brass band back together for one VERY LAST Festive Riot! They will lead you in a conga-line of stories, songs and high-kicks that will make you feel like you could never ruin Christmas (again).

Without a traditional Christmas song-in-sight, this motley crew of love slinging, foot stomping and heart throbbing musician’s leave you ready to face the festive world full of contemporary-tidings and enough good-time giddiness to turn any grinchy-frown, upside-down.

Come for Kitty Bang and stay for the ‘Holy Cow’ of Christmas…. (her younger brother bullied back onto the stage in a full size cow-suit. #Family_Christmas_GOLD).

It’s time to get troppo and celebrate everything brassy, wild and delicious about this fucked-up / fruity season.

Doors: 7:30pm

Support: 8pm

Kitty Bang & Band: 8:30pm

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A Very Kitty Xmas - The Last Supper